Kind of blue

•August 28, 2008 • 5 Comments

Sort of still here, in my second life.  Maybe I’ll write up a more in-depth report…not now right though.

Sad to hear that Linden Lifestyles has come to a close.  LL was the best SL fashion blog.  Hell, LL was one of the best SL blogs full stop.  Witty, charming, intelligent, funny…unlike 95% of SL blogs.

Anyway, see you all at Flashman’s sometime soon.

Cat xx


An afternoon in Innsmouth

•April 20, 2008 • 5 Comments

“I come to bury Caterin Semorka, not praise her”, muttered the demented wolverine that on occasions takes the form of one Therese Carfagno. Yes gentle reader, I was in a spot of bother once more.


The spot of bother was located in the H.P. Lovecraft themed town of Innsmouth, located somewhere in deepest October Country.

I managed to escape the clutches of Ms Carfagno and headed to the high ground afforded by the town’s lighthouse. Here I smoked an insouciant cigarette and dreamed of the lush green valleys of my Redspire home.


But my reverie was not to last. La Carfagno teleported me to the library and insisted on cocktails with a certain Mr Nyarlathotep.


It was really all too much. I gave an offering and brief prayer to my beloved Eris, hit the ejector button and was teleported safely to the comfort of my duck-feather bed.

Just another afternoon in Second Life.

On Strike!!!

•April 16, 2008 • 3 Comments

The barricades are up!

Read more intellignet analysis and info on Gwyn’s site.

Too much to dream…

•April 8, 2008 • 4 Comments

I had too much to dream last night
Too much to dream
I’m not ready to face the light
I had too much to dream
Last night
Last night

The Electric Prunes (see fab clip on You Tube)

It started with the giant magic mushrooms we found in Wildewood. In the interests of science and general shamanic research, Tess and I helped ourselves to the mystical fungi, and then…


…we found oureselves in Nipponbashi (225/186/27 ) at the grand zombie shoot-out. We armed ourselves with the free rifles on offer and marched off onto the killing floor.


The zombies came on and on and we were both slaughtered in the first round. Tess soon worked out we had to use the rifles in mouselook and had to shoot the buggers at least three times before they keel over. Round two went to the Neko Zombie Hunter girls.


We were feeling pretty pleased with ourselves as we went outside for a breather and a ciggie. This was our great mistake. With our guard down I was ambushed by two of the zombies who proceeded to feast on my innards. Tess practiced a few of her ninja moves on the beasts but it was all too little too late for all her fancy footwork and by the time she reloaded her rifle I was gone to the world.


Happily I was swiftly reincarnated as myself (hurrah!, what good karma!!) and met up with Tess for a number of drinks at the Pirate Bar in Japanese Malibu.

We were joined by a dullard newbie for a while (perhaps he was one of the zombies?) who ended up reciting a ‘joke’ with some racist undertones. I can’t tolerate racists and I told him to fuck off. I then ignited my special black smoke bomb, giving Tess and I cover to TP quickly back to her new pad.


Back at Tess’s place we were joined by one Coko Kass…Suddenly, Tess and I where overwhelmed with tiredness after such a long and strenuous day. Tess suggested a sleepover on her lovely new empress-sized bed. We had a night time hot chocolate and fell asleep.


That night I had this strange dream about some giant magic mushrooms…

Farewell Marion

•April 5, 2008 • 4 Comments

I met up with Marion, one of my best and oldest Second Life friends.

Marion is a talented photographer but best of all she is a loyal and caring friend. She is leaving SL for a while, to focus on her First Life…something perhaps I need to do (see Myg’s post for other thoughts on this issue).

Anyway, we TPd off to see Kyle play an excellent gig at Meatspace. Kyle played ‘round midnight‘ for me which was very sweet of him.

Marion and I danced together and chatted about the old times and the good times and our second lives.

Caterin and Marion

Marion says she’ll keep in touch and will be back one day…hopefully in the not to distant future.

Take care dear friend, you’ll be missed!

A Europe united by latex

•March 30, 2008 • 7 Comments

It was all Cake’s idea.

She mentioned a ‘leather and latex’ party, which was just the opportunity I had been waiting for. I had seen a post in the wonderful Linden Lifestyles about Adrina Welder’s latex cat suit flag collection and was just waiting for the right moment to pounce…and this was clearly the moment.

Tess, Cake and I tped over to AW Designs where we purchased outfits according to our nationalities. The Norwegian for Tess, the German for Cake and the Union Jack for yours truly.

First off, we made use of a Charlie’s Angels pose set Tess found.


Then we shot off to the ‘Latex and Leather’ party where we boogied our sweaty bodies to the pounding Swedish death metal/techno beat (oh boy, it was awful music!).


Does my bum look big in that pic?

Before parting ways we congregated for a group snapshot.


Oh boy, these are great outfits and will certainly make a reappearence in the not to distance future!

I IMd Adrina who told me the Union Jack was by far the biggest seller (gosh!) followed by those saucy Canuks, maybe Veronique can fill us in on this, even better, perhaps she should purchase one…


•March 20, 2008 • 5 Comments

Strawberry Holiday has surpassed herself with this creation. It is simply one of the most beautiful builds I have had the pleasure of experiencing in Second Life, it is quite stunning.


Words, words, words and they float and swirl and gently move in the breeze.


There is a light, carefree feeling here. Troubles, concerns, various levels of nonsense fall away, and behind the words…only the void.


Go see the words:

Alchemical rejuvenation!

•March 7, 2008 • 4 Comments

Cake and I visited Syncretia for no reason other than it was on my list of places to visit. I had forgotten precisely why it was on the list, which made the trip all the more interesting.

First off we found a panda on which Cake hitched a ride.


We became bored of that quite quickly and headed off in the direction of the green spot on the map.

The green spot turned out to be one Alpha Auer. Alpha showed us her magnificent Alchemical Rejuvenation spheres that could cure us of the curse of old age.

Alpha warned us not to go too far back seeing as SL has an 18+ age restriction and all that.

We hopped into our spheres and readied ourselves for rejuvenation.


“How far back you going?” shouted Cake from her sphere
“Oh, 16 sounds like fun” I replied.

While the rejuvenation rays did their work I serenaded Cake with ‘16 Again‘ by Buzzcocks.

” Feeling like I’m almost sixteen again
Layin’ ’round doing nothing like all my friends
Play it cool don’t get angry count up to ten
Just like I was sixteen again

Everybody gets the lowdown right from the start
Everybody gets the showdown right from the heart
But that’s all that’s on the menu and life’s a la carte
I don’t know”

But then, a sudden thought, ‘do I really want a return to all that tiresome teen-angst? Surely not!’. I flicked the dials and set the juve-machine for the cusp of sweet twenty.


We sat in our spheres for half an hour or so while the years peeled away and slid down the wall. A bell rang, we hopped out and admired our new youthful bodies, I felt fantastic, truly rejuvenated.

To celebrate our new-found youth we amused ourselves in a nearby arcade, only marred by a minor quarrel over who would play Donkey Kong first.


Go visit Syncretia and strip away the years, it beats all that overpriced face cream.

Grand Esotericum

•February 27, 2008 • 5 Comments

Tess took me to the bar/club at Grand Esotericum, located in a fine sim created by Echo Underwood and Phideaux Mayo.

Phideaux described bar sim as a ‘retreat for the Gifted and Lazy’ which sounds good to me, though obviously I can only vouch for the latter gift.


The bar has a down-at-heel ‘jazz age’ feel to it, reminiscent of Martin Ren’s sadly departed Flashmans’ bar. And by sweet coincidence, the talented Mr Ren joined us for a number of rounds of vermouth.


The bar has a number of nice chair poses including this legs-around-back-of-chair look which I fell in love with.


As the drinks rained down my snapshoting narcissism developed a manic edge


There is even a nice chair with a saucy dance animation attached to it, I’ll include a clip of that next time…maybe.

Lovely bar, people, drinks and poses, highly recommended.  Just do a search for ‘Esoterica Commons’ and you’ll be pointed in the rigt direction.

Field of dreams…

•February 25, 2008 • 1 Comment

I wandered back to the field at The Far Away. I do love this build, the colours and textures, objects and surprises lull me into a state of carefree happiness. Odd what a corn field can do…


The surprise of this visit was encountering the builder himself, Mr AM Radio (see Therese’s interview with him). We sat down together and had a slow, relaxed conversation.


AM gave me some sticks to carry on my back.

AM gave me a lovely firefly that hovers over my shoulder.

What a fine chap is this AM, and so stylishly dressed!

Go to field at The Far Away and dream.