Avatar Orchestra Metaverse on the road and in the sky

My old friend Gumnosophistai Nurmi invited me along to the latest gig by the Avatar Orchestra Metaverse (AOM). I had seen the orchestra late last year and was keen once again to experience their beautifully constructed audio sound sculptures.

The TP supplied by Gum landed me on an oil rig floating adrift in a clear blue sky. On the main deck stood the usual interesting looking AOM performers and audience, though it is always tricky to know exactly who is which (or which is who).

The first set was an experimental number which I missed much of due to finding myself engaged in a number of IMs with the many imaginative looking avies on display.

For the next number we TPed en-masse to the Art Think Box. The set was, apparently, being webcast simultaneously to a Berlin club and we were exhorted to ‘dance for Berlin’.


I paid more attention to the music this time and thoroughly enjoyed what I heard, evoking memories of Cabaret Voltaire and industrial jazz funk (whatever that is).

For the last number we TPed to the Island Youniverse. The orchestra assembled themselves within a technicolor mountain while the audience hovered and danced in the sky.


This was my first experience of sky-dancing and most enjoyable it was too.


3 compositions, 3 venues, 1 orchestra, 1 evening. The AOM have the balance just right, go check them out!


~ by catrin23 on February 14, 2008.

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