Strawberry Holiday has surpassed herself with this creation. It is simply one of the most beautiful builds I have had the pleasure of experiencing in Second Life, it is quite stunning.


Words, words, words and they float and swirl and gently move in the breeze.


There is a light, carefree feeling here. Troubles, concerns, various levels of nonsense fall away, and behind the words…only the void.


Go see the words: http://slurl.com/secondlife/prodigiosus%20II/197/77/21


~ by catrin23 on March 20, 2008.

5 Responses to “Words…”

  1. Cat, this is a wonderful place. As long as Strawberry has beautiful ideas involving trees, we will have places to dream…
    But this idea… is probably what I like best in her latest work.

    What is this helmet ? I will kill to have one like this !!!


  2. Hi Suze, the hat is called ‘Music Panda’ from Deviant Kitties, and yes it is truly fab!

  3. «Words, words, words and they float and swirl and gently move in the breeze.» I can’t add anything to that. Great post!

  4. I followed the surl but was threatened with a swift orbit out. *confused* is this a stale SLURL?

  5. Hi Tinkebell, yes the SLURL may be stale by now, you could IM Strawberry Holiday and ask her where the build is now located.

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